HUSKI at Falls Creek

HUSKI at Falls Creek

Apparently in the past Europeans used to find mountains and their snowy heights terrifying.  It was the writer Goethe who changed this perception – his words revealing the beauty & inspiration to be found in high, clear atmospheres & outlooks enveloped in snow.

A real huski team preparing for the annual race outside Huski …. Gus and Fernando of the Three Blue Ducks 

Falls Creek, a ski-in ski-out alpine village in Victoria contains that poetry… ..if on a somewhat smaller scale than Goethe’s Alps.

The Three Blue Ducks Falls Creek restaurant at Huski – “Snow in the Gully”

I’ve done several projects now at Huski Apartments : redesigning the interior of the penthouse, photographing the cafe and apartments for the website and establishing the Huski Instagram feed.

The road into Falls Creek, adding timber in a modern apartment for visual warmth

With the interiors the challenge has been to discover an Australian take on alpine design – we don’t  have a tradition like in Europe or America.  Given the modernist architecture of Huski, I looked to Scandinavian design for inspiration. Bringing in as much timber as possible to warm the space: cladding the ceiling in recycled boards and panelling a breakfast nook.


The Huski theme continued with a vintage ski poster

When I was working at the ABC I noticed that the majority of designers there loved to go skiing,   I wonder if it’s being in an environment with minimal visual distractions that appeals.  Just nature: trees, snow, a distant lake and the physical exertion that compels you to be in the moment. 

Taking photographs for the Instagram feed I deliberately utilised a spare aesthetic; juxtaposing clean snowy shots with warm timber surfaces and cosy interiors.

A morning coffee and fresh baked treats from the Three Blue Ducks

It’s another world down at Huski and Falls…

Even the car parks are beautiful…