I was doing the Bondi to Bronte cliff walk when I got the call to design the new Chaser show. It was 2005 and they were the most vital and unpredictable comedy team on Australian TV.

Employed in the role of production designer , the job  soon grew to encompass the styling of the Chaser boys for the weekly show and the costuming for the sketches.

The props and graphics examined in the media – Where can you take a Trojan Horse?

At the beginning The War on Everything was fairly niche: it went out on Friday night to a small dedicated audience.   Then later things got really huge.   Prepping the APEC motorcade, immersed in the details of  the vehicles, costumes and graphics,  it was a shock to see it later on the news – somehow it had morphed into the real thing…

the “Are you Being Shagged ?” sketch

But always my favourites were the sketches.  Such opportunity for scope and variety: a take on the vintage British show “Are you Being Served”, a “White Stripes” video clip, The Beatles,  a seedy Chinese restaurant,  Mission Impossible, The Sound of Music, an American sitcom, a sweatshop in Africa, a Trojan Horse and many many more.  One of the best things about it was the fast turn around; not much time to think,  you had to work on instincts.  Nothing got too over processed – there was a freshness there.

From 60s TV show to a sweatshop of a famous brand

It was two years running on adrenaline,  which took its toll.  Like being aboard a speeding train, there was a time to get off.  It was hard. It was impossible. But most of all it was just really fun.