HUSKI at Falls Creek


Apparently in the past Europeans used to find mountains and their snowy heights terrifying.  It was the writer Goethe who changed this perception – his words revealing the beauty & inspiration to be found in high, clear atmospheres & outlooks enveloped in snow. 


Falls Creek, a ski-in ski-out alpine village in Victoria contains that poetry - if on a somewhat smaller scale than Goethe’s Alps.


For a project at Huski Apartments, redesigning the interior of the penthouse, the challenge has been to discover an Australian take on alpine design – we don’t have a tradition like in Europe or America.  Given the modernist architecture of Huski, I looked for ways to warm the space. Bringing in as much timber as possible: cladding the ceiling in recycled boards, panelling a breakfast nook and adding an upholstered seat back clad in embroidered Turkish fabric.


When I was working at the ABC I noticed that the majority of designers there loved to go on skiing holidays.  I wonder if it’s being in an environment with minimal visual distractions that appeals.  Just nature: trees, snow, a distant lake and the physical exertion that compels you to be in the moment. I continued that idea of a spare aesthetic into the interior:  minimal colour, handmade cushions and organic touches referencing the clean snowy vistas outside.  A cosy peaceful spot to take in the fresh mountain air and rejuvenate.

Ingrid Weir